How to Use Stable Video Diffusion

To use Stable Video Diffusion for transforming your images into videos, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Upload Your Photo - Choose and upload the photo you want to transform into a video. Ensure the photo is in a supported format and meets any size requirements.

Step 2: Wait for the Video to Generate - After uploading the photo, the model will process it to generate a video. This process may take some time depending on the complexity and length of the video.

Step 3: Download Your Video - Once the video is generated, you will be able to download it. Check the quality and, if necessary, you can make adjustments or regenerate the video.

Note: Stable Video Diffusion is in a research preview phase and is mainly intended for educational or creative purposes. Please ensure that your usage adheres to the terms and guidelines provided by Stability AI.

Stable Video Diffusion

Revolutionizing Video Generation with AI

About Stable Video Diffusion

Stable Video Diffusion, a groundbreaking AI model developed by Stability AI, is revolutionizing the field of video generation. As the first foundational model for generative video based on the image model Stable Diffusion, this tool represents a significant advancement in creating diverse AI models for various applications.

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